Hybrid LED Film Light | Battery Powered Programmable LED Light Tube
Hybrid LED Film Light | Battery Powered Programmable LED Light Tube
Hybrid LED Film Light | Battery Powered Programmable LED Light Tube
Hybrid LED Film Light | Battery Powered Programmable LED Light Tube
Hybrid LED Film Light | Battery Powered Programmable LED Light Tube
Hybrid LED Film Light | Battery Powered Programmable LED Light Tube
Hybrid LED Film Light | Battery Powered Programmable LED Light Tube
Hybrid LED Film Light | Battery Powered Programmable LED Light Tube

SGC Lights

Hybrid LED Film Light | Battery Powered Programmable LED Light Tube

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Size:H60 (2 foot)
Pickup available at Los Angeles Facility Usually ready in 24 hours

Hybrid LED Film Light | Battery Powered Programmable LED Light Tube

H60 (2 foot)

Los Angeles Facility

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

3022 Durfee Avenue
Unit C
El Monte CA 91732
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I'm not sure which light is best suited for me.

    Please watch our video for which light is for who: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_menCnM38NM

  2. Which light is compatible with Sidus Link?

    The Prism is designed and built to be fully compatible and integrated into the Sidus Link ecosystem via the Sidus Bluetooth module. Sidus Link has made recent updates that allow for it to work with many lights outside of its traditional Bluetooth ecosystem.

    The Hybrid, Prism SE and Prism Plus are functional on many other apps, including Luminair, Blackout, and our own app, ALLI Connect, which is in beta testing.

  3. Where can I download the ALLI Connect app?

    ALLI Connect is currently in beta testing mode. Please send an email to info@sgclighting.com if you wish to be beta user. We would appreciate feedback on how to make the app more efficient!

  4. What is the photometrics chart showing me?

    The photometrics chart is a test showing the readings of popular lighting metrics from measuring five different tubes at different color temperatures from 1m away.

    The readings are for the following: color temperature accuracy, deviation from the ideal color, CRI, LCI, XY readings, R9 and R12, and output in Lux.
  5. What is the build quality for the lights? Is it made of plastic or metal?

    The Prism Plus and Prism SE has a sturdy exterior made of aluminum, which makes it more durable, while still being very lightweight.

    The Prism and Hybrid had a lightweight hard nylon plastic build with a resin coating.

  6. I’d like to know more about product support and customer service.

    Support will largely come from our online team via info@sgclighting.com. Our team will typically respond within 24 hours. You can schedule a video call with our support staff, who can help with connectivity issues or how to work the light.
  7. Do I want SGC Lights to be a part of my high-end professional kit?

    You will greatly value having SGC Lights in your lighting kit. It will quickly become a convenient and priority choice of light to use on many shoots. For example, the SSI score from the Prism and Hybrid is potentially the highest for white light on the market.

  8. Where can I see more photos of the product?

    For more photos of our products in action, follow us on Instagram: @Sgclights

  9. Do you have lights that have built-in Lumen Radio chips?

    Right now, users have the option of adding Lumen Radio chips to their Prism Plus lights. This is a special custom order build. Please contact info@sgclighting.com to pre-order yours today!

    All other versions are capable of working with Lumen Radio Receivers such as the CintennaRX or Moonlite.

HYBRID 60 & 120

These programmable LED film lighting tube fixtures offer a whole new range of possibilities for lighting designers and technicians with their high output and extremely low profile. They are easy to rig and have a clean, efficient menu system. These are the solution needed for many large-scale movie sets and fast paced corporate interviews that require clean, simple white light.

They are easy to rig, scalable, and outputs a market leading level of both color quality and brightness for white and warm light.

All models include a variable white light color temperature range of 2700-6500K, an easy-to-use onboard control interface, and wired DMX512 control. Constant current drive enables a smooth dimming range from 0% to 100%, allowing the tube to be flicker-free at any frame rate

The removable battery pack can be operated wirelessly and can be easily replaced to power you all day long. DC input 10-24VDC.

24V DC input, maximum power 20W for P60 and 40W for P120, light efficiency > 90lm/W

Can be manually set independently for color temperature and strength.

P60: Φ43 x 600 mm &  P120: Φ43 x 600 mm

Hybrid series LED fluorescent lamps、 

Technical indicators

16000mAh lithium ion rechargeable battery pack 

DMX512 addresses, and multiple combinations of DMX addresses can be set for multiple connections. 

H60 Package Dimension L x W x H:

26" X 4.7" X 3.35" / 66.5cm x 12cm x 8.5cm 

Product Weight:

4.4lbs / 2 kg

H120 Package Dimension L x W x H:

50.2" X 4.7" X 3.35" / 127.5cm x 12cm x 8.5cm 

Product Weight:

6.4lbs / 2.9 kg

    For help with SGC Hybrid 60 and 120, please visit our support page






    White Diffuser

    Beam Angle:


    Color Temperature:


    Color Temperature Tolerances:


    Color Accuracy Standard:

    CRI>97, TLCT>99, 

    Power Input Range:

    DC 10~24V

    Power Consumption:



    Power Port:

    DC input, 2.5*5.5mm barrel connector

    Lumens (@6000K):

    2300 lm

    4600 lm



    Software Interface:

    On-board Controller with Display

    IP Rating:


    Operational Temperature:

    -20 - 40℃

    Fixture Dimensions:



    Fixture Weight:



    Battery Capacity:



    Battery Pack Charging Life:

    Expected battery pack capacity after 300 charging cycles: >70%

    Expected Lamp Life:

    25000 Hours 


    Manual on-board control, Wired DMX


    Q-Block Mount & T12 Mount

    Control Accessories

    Mini SLR to DMX 5pins (through RJ45) Ethernet Adaptor Cable SetMini SLR to DMX 5pins (through RJ45) Ethernet Adaptor Cable Set
    SGC - CAT5 CABLE 0.5FT
    SGC - CAT5 CABLE 0.5FT
    Sale price$3.00
    Sale price$10.50
    SGC CAT5 CABLE 1M / 10FT
    SGC CAT5 CABLE 1M / 10FT
    Sale price$8.50
    5M DMX512 jumper wire with Mini SLR connectors5M DMX512 jumper wire with Mini SLR connectors
    0.3M DMX512 jumper wire with Mini SLR connectors

    General Accessories

    Magnet Mount AdapterMagnet Mount Adapter
    Magnet Mount Adapter
    Sale price$15.00
    Grids for LED Tube LightGrids for LED Tube Light
    Grids for LED Tube Light
    Sale priceFrom $85.00
    Stackable Mounting SystemStackable Mounting System
    Stackable Mounting System
    Sale priceFrom $45.00
    360 Degree Pin Receiver (Compatible w/ Light Stand & C-Stand)
    Black Mini Tripod w/ tube holderBlack Mini Tripod w/ tube holder
    6" baby pin6" baby pin
    6" baby pin
    Sale priceFrom $11.28
    Save $9.00
    P60 Soft CaseP60 Soft Case
    P60 Soft Case
    Sale price$18.00 Regular price$27.00
    Save $10.00
    P120 Soft Case
    P120 Soft Case
    Sale price$30.00 Regular price$40.00

    Return Policy

    Products in original packaging can be returned up to 30 days from the date of the invoice. SGC Lights will not accept a return without an authorized RMA number. A 10% restocking fee on returns will be applied. Credit/returns can only be issued on products that are deemed resaleable. A 20% restocking fee will be assessed on undamaged, but open-box condition. Please read the instructions below if you need to return or exchange an item: 1) Email support@sgcine.com with your order number, name, address, product, and the issue you are experiencing, if any. 2) We will respond with a RMA number and the address to return the item once we process your form. 3) Please ship the item(s) to the address provided in step 2 with the RMA number provided. 4) Upon receipt of your return, our staff will inspect the item(s). If the item(s) is/are defected and under warranty, we will repair or replace the item(s). If it is out of warranty or not covered, we will send you an estimated cost for the repair(s). Please note that SGC Lights does not pay for shipping on return/exchange items. For information on our warranty, please click here